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  • Trinidad Cruz
    Feb 15, 2005
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      As existentialists which faith may we argue is the more valid? Can any
      proposed God be an existentialist concern? The existentialist's area
      of concern regarding God can only be the effect of the God-idea on the
      individual existentialist and on other human beings, not the
      validation or invalidation of the God-idea. We may only comment on the
      produced historical effect. The gulf of time between Pythagoreus and
      Einstein exceeds any logical probability construct. The gulf of time
      between Babylonian astronomy and Gallileo is even greater. This cycle
      of dormancy in the human development of a cosmological view must have
      a cause.There is only one arguable cause: murderous and mind-numbing
      religion collectively enforced.In some ways this is a good historical
      argument for the need of an active God: in that left to our own
      devices we invent authority over the unknown and enforce it upon
      ourselves to our detriment.Throughout human history God-ideas have
      dragged against any change in human cosmological view. How big will
      the next gulf be? We have the capacity to make ourselves wait long
      enough to forget what we were afraid of.


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      > > Dear-
      > > Whoever thou art, whatever in other respects thy life
      > > may be, my friend, by ceasing to take part (if
      > > ordinarily thou doest) in the public worship of God,
      > > as it now is (with the claim that it is the
      > > Christianity of the New Testament), thou hast
      > > constantly one guilt the less, and that a great one:
      > > thou dost not take part in treating God as a fool by
      > > calling that the Christianity of the New Testament
      > > which is not the Christianity of the New Testament."
      > > S. Kierkegaard, 1854
      > I am glad to see another post on Kierkegaard. I think his call for
      > personal authentic faith is far superior to the public version of
      > faith we often see online and in the media.
      > I realize some faiths call for an "authentic" preaching and
      > conversion. Some Christians view their duty to reach out and "save"
      > others as more important than the "rights" I assert to be left alone.
      > Kierkegaard should be read again and again, especially in the current
      > environment.
      > - CSW
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