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  • bhvwd
    Feb 2, 2005
      Julius Caesar hand picked his nephew to succeed him. Caesar`s
      murder delayed and complicated the process.Octavian was forced to
      participate in a power sharing triumverate but eventually took
      power and ruled for better than thirty years.
      This is a newly released film with Peter O`toole as Agustus. It
      is a historical film and reveals a great deal about Roman
      politics and family life before the time of the mad emperors. I saw
      in it great parallels between the Roman situation at the turn of
      the millenium and the US today.
      Agustus acted much like a modern man. He was not a genius
      anything. He functioned as soldier, politician, statesman, family
      man. He came from the provinces and married by design into the
      patrician nobility. All in all he was an intelligent man who came up
      through the ranks of roman society to be the preminant man of his
      With the conquests of Caesar , rome had become the superpower of
      the ancient world. Agustus took the empire from brick and morter
      to marble. To do so he needed a knowledge of the social classes and
      a keen appreciation of rome itself. He loved his country and saw it
      as the hope for the civilised world. He murdered and destroyed
      lesser kings and governmental systems but his reign was known for
      peace not war, modesty not excess. He played off the greedy, corrupt
      nobility against the street mobs . He saw the nobility as corrupt
      and the mob as barbaric. All these attitudes and factions have
      rough equilivance in the US today. A skilled and pragmatic leader
      like Agustus could propell the Us into a security and Pax Americana
      that could make us the preeminant force for the forseeable future.
      I forsee that outcome for this country and openly welcome it. I hope
      Bush does well and I think his enemies will make a severe tactical
      error if they tack away from traditional American motives and goals.
      The American left should take note of the last election and not
      paint themselves as a bridge to a clawless Europe whose goals are
      far removed form US interests.
      Tonight`s State of the Union is to feature the ownership state. As
      an existentialist I find myself drawn away from the collective and
      toward an appreciation of individual initiative and achievement. If
      the American left wing wishes to adopt a european socialist model I
      think they will be repeatedly rebuffed at the polls. I hope so.
      Agustus found a workable path between roughly similar factions and
      circumstance. I see Bush sailing toward that break in the reef and
      since I am on board his ship I wish him fair course. Bill