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32635Re: [existlist] Authentic, altruistic bravery

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  • Jeff Cunningham
    Feb 1, 2005
      Bill dont forget to take your medication.
      --- bhvwd <v.valleywestdental@...> wrote:

      > Louise, In my thinking , the extremity is the
      > crucible of courage. A
      > group of people just changed my concept of them
      > to people of
      > great worth. The Iraqi voters are world heroes.
      > When I thought of going to stand in line, unarmed,
      > I tried to
      > imagine the nerve it would take to wait like
      > sacrificial lambs . To
      > challenge armed fanatics to dare to trample on their
      > ideals these
      > people should be remembered as founders of their
      > country. It all
      > calls to honor a greater spirit of man.
      > These actions are a far higher matter than
      > politics. These are the
      > actions of authentic people who proved they felt
      > their honor to be
      > of greated worth than their very lives. As George
      > Patton said in
      > another time, "People who`s actions speak with
      > such eloquence
      > deserve to be saved."It rings of the revolutionary
      > spirit of,"Don`t
      > tread on me", and from your history, "We band of
      > brothers".
      > I feel better about the world today. I am inspired
      > and thank those
      > brave new patriots. Bill

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