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32626But what are they thinking in Tehran

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  • bhvwd
    Feb 1, 2005
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      Louise, And Saudi and Damascus and Cairo. We saw it as the eastern
      block dissentagrated through the walls of the Krimlin. Now they
      struggle with criminal cartel democracys but so has the US. What
      were the press gangs of your colonial era?Democracy is less often a
      shining city on a hill as a hand to hand battle for fairness,
      human rights, if you will.
      Who knows what Osama is thinking , hunkered in his cave? Over
      all, his conduct and his creation of Al keada make him one of the
      few people I can say
      I would attempt to kill on sight.
      War comes with such terrible baggage which is carried for
      generations. "Brave men who fought at Getteysburg now lie in
      soldiers graves. But they stemmed the rebel tide and there, their
      faith was saved"Peter Yarrow.
      When my grandfather took me to see the civil war veterans. I was
      5 and they terrified me. I remember their deep, piercing, sad eyes.
      Such men seem to spring from the very soil. Like the skelaton
      warriors who fought Jason when their battle is over they carry their
      grief back to the earth. Without them we are the slaves of a
      demented few but those soldiers are at once the detritus and the
      glory of this epoch. The contradiction of such lives leaves the
      rest of us complexed and stressed but not to the lengths it
      punished them.
      So when people demand a political solution to what has been an
      armed confrontation I see progress which ,by now,exhausts my
      capacity for idealism. Bill
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