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32624Re: Authentic, altruistic bravery

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  • louise
    Feb 1, 2005
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      Bill, You are right. Even I can't work out what I meant yesterday
      when I said you were always right, as you're not. Think it's
      something to do with the influence of others, especially strong when
      our house and my person are assailed as I try to go about my
      business here at home (i.e. shopping and walking about for
      relaxation). Anyway, I think you're probably wrong about Osama Bin
      Laden. He is of rich Saudi origins, a true warrior, and outraged no
      doubt that after helping you Americans against the Soviets in
      Afghanistan he was betrayed as a warrior. The religion is
      separate. I think insult against the true Islamic faith doesn't
      really come into it for either Osama or Saddam. They are not
      practising Islam, at least to my perception. It is a mantle donned
      for political purposes on account of Western duplicity and resource
      greed. Anyway, the armed conflicts are real, and the deaths are
      real. I am perfectly serious about re-interpretation of the sacred
      texts which form part of the context of politics, which is why I
      wanted to move away from the subject of moderation disputes, science-
      existential mixes, and the Krishnamurti message which I respect but
      which is unconnected with this site. The complexity of the modern
      world is terrifying to the unwary. I am certainly wary, but have no
      spiritual fear, and understand that this fact of my inner existence
      can hardly be read without inevitable misinterpretation by the
      conventional ... whether conventionally atheist, agnostic,
      Christian, etc. Even Aleister Crowley finds a place, an honourable
      place, in all this, but his thinking is not existentialist nor
      political. I am against badness. That includes bad art, bad
      politics, bad business, bad jokes. And bad philosophy, i.e.,
      emoting which passes for thought. Louise

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > Louise, In my thinking , the extremity is the crucible of courage.
      > group of people just changed my concept of them to people of
      > great worth. The Iraqi voters are world heroes.
      > When I thought of going to stand in line, unarmed, I tried to
      > imagine the nerve it would take to wait like sacrificial lambs .
      > challenge armed fanatics to dare to trample on their ideals these
      > people should be remembered as founders of their country. It all
      > calls to honor a greater spirit of man.
      > These actions are a far higher matter than politics. These are
      > actions of authentic people who proved they felt their honor to
      > of greated worth than their very lives. As George Patton said in
      > another time, "People who`s actions speak with such eloquence
      > deserve to be saved."It rings of the revolutionary spirit
      > tread on me", and from your history, "We band of brothers".
      > I feel better about the world today. I am inspired and thank
      > brave new patriots. Bill
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