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  • bhvwd
    Jan 31, 2005
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      Siobahn,I have completed a three computer data link. It is wireless
      and connects home, business and mobile port. The entire net is DSL
      and interconnects with cable TV.As soon as it was linked, a name
      from the past immedately popped up on an old E mail address.
      Remember Mark Hansen? He now threatans to make me a millionare if I
      will debate him.This guy ended his existlist career screaming
      obsenities from NewZealand.
      I think we are seeing a generation of people who have lost self
      and whatever perspective they had on the internet. I did not reply
      to the message from crazy Mark and will learn a good deal of his
      real identity should he attempt to return as yet another lost ghost
      of cyberspace.
      So as I compare the integrity of the Iraqi voters and the neurotic,
      cyber egoists I have encountered here,I am forced to suspect it is
      not faith but twisted ego we encounter.
      BenLadens profile is littered with the sick remnants of affronts
      real or imagined. They have been covered with religous affronts to
      ALLAH but it was Osama who was insulted and screams demand for
      Perhaps in affronting these peoples faith we only give them excuse
      to balm very different wounds with vengance. It seems they cannot
      escape or forget their past affronts to personal pride.I am not
      trying to find a way to approach them, I think they are too poisoned
      and hateful for that. I would rather know why they become what they
      are so I do not help create others. Bill