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  • Knott
    Jan 1, 2005
      > He used and controlled his followers with
      > LSD. He attempted to dissuade uncultlike conduct with physical
      > punishment. His strange patchwork of beliefs attracted a number of
      > high level scientists and technical personel.

      The psychotic need for attachment as the basis of religion is the driving problem
      here, rather than the intelligence. and as suggested (mary jo?), 'high-level' anything is
      not necessarily impressive--there are a lot of pretty stupid doctors, and a degree and
      achievement do not insure that one is either intelligent or level-headed. I would
      submit that the intelligent would never see the interest in slaughtering a bunch of
      people in any fashion--except for some 'greater good' that they would lack the ability
      to determine. that is, if they were really 'bright' they might understand that the whole
      scope of religion is usually based on pleasing some deity that they cannot prove
      exists. To me, the ability to fortify that belief is rather like insanity--and so to is
      taking LSD (from what i understand).

      I had a female friend in college from whom I was chased by a single phrase from her
      mother: "when you are married..." This was not a fear of marriage, and not taken out
      of context as a passing phrase (used instead as a determined and obvious end), was
      not for dislike of the girl, or for slating that the possibility of marriage did not exist,
      not at all because she was dim-witted, but for a slight fear of the girl's lack of sanity.
      she was not dangerous, but perhaps somewhat too nuts to pursue. She was a decent
      actor, which I believe was part/parcel of the lack of stability in her own presence. I
      realized in other words that i was wasting our time as per related expectation. 6
      months after our 'divorce' she was married to someone else and 'born again'. in our
      last phone call she tried to convert me to free me from my evils. I believe I would have
      been stepping into it by accepting persuasion ...
      stepping into evil that is.

      organized religion controls by using fear...fear of death, fear of unknowns, fear of
      others, fear of self, fear of burden, fear of insight, fear. It can portray a feeling of
      'good' and 'right' by mere numbers. It can take an individual on a beautiful and well-
      honed trip. It can likely be a devine thing, but as soon as it holds a value more
      important than the thoughts and ideas of others (as i am somewhat guilty of here, in
      'preaching' the lack of need for them), the constituents become pawn to a set of
      beliefs. comforting, but stupifying. The cornerstone is used as a means to build sense
      into belief, one that even intelligent people might willfully follow. More passive beliefs
      may be harmless. More determined ones are likely insane.

      I have often wondered if it is something in the middle-eastern waters that turns
      religion to fanaticism, but it is more likely the result of thousands of years of
      indoctrination, and blindly stepping through a process that intelligence might rather
      see through. My gawd would not be one that would condemn others...nor praise
      them. It would likely not have human concerns (attributes which we often give to the
      deity with the ego-centric assumption that we are somehow chosen). In that, I could
      not move toward comprehending its interest; if I could, I would likely find weakness
      in that and it could not be a gawd. If i were to serve a gawd it would not be by making
      an ass of myself and pretending that i could understand, no matter who told me, or
      how long that belief had been on the ledger. If there was a gawd and it expected me
      to live in a place and time and overcome this hinderance called 'intelligence' to look
      beyond to do good which cannot be defined, my suggestion would be that it is no
      gawd as I would understand it as what good is it to pose the impossible and subject
      subjects to its discourse? Such a very stupid gawd i would have.

      Bill, if intelligent people were at the core of terrorism, it would be much more
      frightening than it is. I can think of many simple terrorist acts that would make 9/11
      look like a flu epidemic. In fact, that event itself would have been far more
      devistating. Being able to think of them in no way means I would hold interest in
      carrying them out. I once read in a Turkey Hunter magazine (it was research) a story
      that sounded exactly like the writer was proving the hunt. At the end, and after taking
      aim, he snapped the shutter, and captured the bird in the hunt permanently without
      killing it. To me that would be far more interesting than the hunt to kill.

      Fainting Cop
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