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  • louise
    Dec 3 8:08 AM
      Bill, I am not talking race and I am not talking myth. Dammit, I'm
      trying to post about terminology, psuchee, eetor, thumos, I think
      these words illuminating and I think Snell was wrong about the
      status of subjective consciousness of the peoples contemporary with
      Homer. I do enjoy the arguments and banter here - eventually! - but
      sometimes the process of manoeuvring is so exhausting I never get
      the chance to park. Louise

      -- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <v.valleywestdental@m...>
      > I have seen that painting but cannot remember the subject matter.
      > That shows my level of appreciation, I read the title first and
      > then look at the work. I am better than my lawyer, he went to the
      > Louve and spent fifteen whole minutes. He said a lot of the stuff
      > looked old to him and he liked new stuff.
      > As to our long discussion of Hellanic and Homeric topics I would
      > refer to the legends of our back woods. They are verbal and are
      > carried from one jack pine savage to another around camp fires.
      > enjoy mythical creatures[Babe] and feature Promethian deeds. Now
      > if 25,000 years hence we endow a chair at the University of
      > Blasphemy for a department of Bunyan studies should it refashion
      > all post Bunyon culture?
      > I do not believe these peoples , ancient or neomodern, set out
      > pass anything but fantastic tales on to listeners. The
      > movie featured a discertation about the veracity of the
      > legend resting upon Homeric tales. It is all legend, just like
      > Jesus and Zoroaster were in their times. To endow such things
      > great importance does more to further bigotry and race
      > consciousness than any progress in useful knowledge.
      > How would you view my mental state if I took the bit and ran
      > with a super race theory based on the obvious references to
      > preceltic origins of Macedonian nobility? So much of this lands
      > that kind of mind set that to entertain it all beyond the level
      > of the verbal cartoon is to flirt with the irrational.
      > I like the classics but as with all else I hold no belief in
      > veracity or worth as moral guides. To hold them up as excuse for
      > ideas of racial superiority is bad policy and worse thinking. Bill
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