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  • louise
    Dec 3, 2004
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      but when i looked it up on the net, it wasn't the one i'd seen.
      there will be time and there will be time, to measure out my life in
      open spaces, where prison walls have fallen in the human mind the
      only needful prelude. voting's not a gas, and not exactly a con,
      but these things are place-specific. waiting for the fog of arduous
      peace to clear, we offer our sparse solidarities to those in the war-
      zone. they are many and there are many. eternal vigilance is not a
      price worth paying, we are only flesh and blood, give us some sleep
      dear god and not death.

      [i believe we should] never confuse distinct religions, anymore than
      human individuals. you know, like that odious practice an
      inexperienced teacher or parent may fall into - comparing sister
      with brother, brother with brother, and so on; there are those who
      laugh it off, and those who are lifelong wounded by belittlement.

      i have looked into the face, the compassionate face, of true Islam.
      i do not know its languages. and i don't know Hebrew or Aramaic,
      some hindrance to withstanding the full shock of attacks against the
      true Christian faith. the human examples are there in the history
      books. the most wronged peoples are those whose memories are taken
      from them, whose artefacts are destroyed. what has happened in
      Afghanistan is terrible to behold even from a safe distance. the
      museums. the landscape. and language is only one way of
      approaching. you don't need to know greek, or english, to walk the
      true christian way. language is my love. i am a nihilist. i think
      jesus understood that violence is always wrong but that sometimes
      its consequences are good. woe to him who calculates violence.

      if god didn't exist we would never be able to laugh [if jesus
      weren't my role model, maybe i would capitalise the godhead here]


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      > The painting by Titian, I believe. Saw it in London, 1985, I
      > I'm being allusive again, but, don't we all have cause? Sometimes.
      > noo nooism refugee
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