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  • John the Anti-baptist
    Nov 30, 2004
      <<Reason alone cannot lead to the conclusion that God is true,>>

      Of course not. Reason dictates to the contrary with most, if not all, gods.
      That's within the context of the particular religion.

      <<I submit that Christianity is the only system of understanding that
      matches with our experience.>>

      Well, Yes. The Christian Bible is written with human sensiblities, therefore
      appealing to a wide variety of people. No one truly knows the writers of
      these books, and scholars merely speculate at the kind of people the authors
      were (Were they crazy? Did they do drugs of any kind?...etc). Their writings
      are like Nostadamus' predictions...lucky commentaries on common sense
      issues. Let us not forget the endless books of "fiction" that have
      historical references in them (eg: Through the Looking Glass).