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  • Mary Jo
    Nov 1, 2004
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      Sown Out of Season

      Basking in an Autumn sun
      on a bench in the park
      I'm puzzled, for there
      in the rocks on the pond's bank
      a little clump of corn
      sprouts green and dying.

      The pond is spring fed
      enlarged by the park founders.
      Its banks were recently fortified
      with truckloads of large white stones.
      I'm from out-of-state and
      twice chose this village as home.

      A solitary duck
      swims in the pond.
      A woman who loves animals
      placed him in this new home.
      A man from another place
      often stops to leave parched corn,

      to feed the duck and other birds
      and the greedy squirrels
      who don't need to be fed.
      They were born here with
      plenty of hickory and oak trees.
      Some were planted here too.

      No squirrels or duck ate that seed
      on the rocky bank and
      I don't know if
      anyone else has noticed
      my little clump of corn sprouts
      in front of my park bench.

      They're only 10 inches high
      grown from Spring corn seed
      scattered so late in the summer.
      That corn had no reason
      to grow out of season
      for me to wonder about.

      The duck flies to visit
      neighboring ponds and returns.
      We both wander in our free exile.
      Home is a place and
      a choosing and people
      simply never sow out of time.

      Mary Jo
      written 'tween 10/31 and 11/1