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30743Re: My death or death as a real earth non-being.

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  • bjunius30
    Oct 4, 2004
      As I've said before, and you can make light of this any way want, but
      we are only concerned with a certain number of categories in our life
      time: God, Time, Death, & Experience.

      Any way you put we are at the mercy of all these things: God
      essentially meaning our birth, our spirituality, our longingness in
      the affairs of love. Time, the measurement of our flesh and corpeal
      beingness. Death the abstraction of thought brought to live with
      disdain and uncertainty or sometimes the attraction to it.
      Experience, the memories and feelings we share. The perceptions of
      our own constructs, inner and outer...,

      yes, only so many combinations...,so in essence our world multiplies
      these necessities into a higher thought of meaning and perveyance
      throughout the universe.

      Perhaps, later I might change my mind about this like Wittegstein,
      but it seems plausible and elegant to a certain degree. So far, I
      have not been able to tear it apart with my own cold scrutinizing.

      Bryan Junius, Ph.D

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, lorrainep21@a... wrote:
      > Yes, I can understand the latter...perhaps, it would be best if I
      > understand that to see death is seeing the end of what at times is
      just to much
      > ado about nothing????or just too damn hard, or simply too much
      > LMP
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