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  • C. S. Wyatt
    Aug 2, 2001
      I am not a Christian, and do not pretend to understand how or why religious
      faith matters to so many people. I know it does matter and give them a sense
      of purpose.

      I live for myself: as I am and as I will be -- which are not the same. I say
      what I mean, do as I mean.

      For me, Nietzsche truly is a grounding "prophet" for mankind.

      - C. S. Wyatt

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      Subject: [existlist] my swansong...l

      all of the debates thus far seem to be limited by christain doctrine e
      all of the questions have 'God' as the centrality - what about
      what about 'AUTHETICITY' as an idealism?

      are these questions irrelevamt ; otherwise, resoond to them!
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