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3069G-d, Politics, etc.

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  • C. S. Wyatt
    Aug 2 7:32 PM
      No one "knows" anything beyond what he or she experiences. All else is faith
      and / or bias.

      As far as I can tell, everything is a matter of meaning and intent. I have a
      great deal of faith that there are things greater and more important than
      mankind, though I dare not try to name that which is above man. (My Judaic
      bias, with some pagan "universe" worship.)

      From my web site:

      Logic has too many definitions to use the term without referencing the
      logical model being utilized in analysis. I tend to favor phenomenological,
      mathematical, or scientific logic. These conflict with other models due to
      their reliance upon individual proofs -- the proofs human beings can
      understand. In other words, what I cannot prove to myself, I cannot accept
      on a logical basis -- but I can accept on faith.

      Faith is important to me and most other humans. Faith and logic are, at
      least using the definitions utilized in modern philosophy, at odds but not
      exclusive: eventually I might prove those concepts in which I have faith.
      Faith is "accepting as fact that which cannot be mathematically or
      scientifically proven beyond all doubt." Notice the phrase "all doubt" and
      its importance.

      Ethics: (1) The study and philosophy of human conduct with emphasis on the
      determination of right and wrong. (2) A system of morals.

      Moral: (1) Based on probability; generalized human behavior. (2) Conforming
      to group standards of conduct.

      Justice: (1) The rendering of what is due or merited. (2) Being impartial.
      (3) Honest or equitable.

      Truth: (1) Conformity to requirements. (2) Faith in a statement's logic. (3)
      Conforming to a system of rules.

      - C. S.
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