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3057RE: [existlist] certainty of meaning

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  • Eduard Alf
    Aug 2, 2001

      I sometimes think that religion is like a filter.
      it serves to find and expose the best of the
      moments of human activity. the goodness that is
      within human nature is always there, but we seem
      to need to sort of freeze-frame it, so that we can
      say, "yes, that was good. That is our meaning".
      That is why we have the stories of Christ's
      passion, of the good Samaritan, of Mary washing
      the feet of Jesus. They are the AVI's of a less
      technical era.

      But for all of that, it does not provide evidence
      of a transcendental god.

      I think in the end that, like the concept of
      "ether", one arrives at the point for which there
      is such a lack of evidence that the only
      conclusion that one can make is that it does not


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      My mother's family is Jewish, from Poland.

      There is no strong faith within that side of the
      family. It died, as far as
      I can tell. We are proud of our heritage, but I
      have long been taught that
      we were merely "lucky" our ancestors left Poland
      before the Germans reached
      them. I was raised with a Christian name because
      my mother liked the sound
      and it mattered to my father. Friends began using
      Skot after seeing the film
      "Skokie" in high school. (If you have seen it, you
      will understand the

      My father's family is quite religious -- Christian
      Pentecostal. When anyone
      is ill, it is a test or a lack of faith. I do not
      understand this at all. My
      grandmother had a stroke a month ago and was in a
      coma for three weeks. They

      While they prayed, my mother checked with doctors,
      made care arrangements,
      and washed my grandmother's hair. She did what she
      could for her
      mother-in-law, not relying upon anyone else or
      anything else.

      My mother did what was right for her. My father's
      family did what was right
      for them.

      I respect both, understand both. Both were a quest
      for meaning.

      As for me, I read to and talked to my grandmother.
      If nothing else, I hoped
      she knew her family was with her. All we can be
      certain of is what is
      experienced in life. I wanted my grandmother to
      know she was valued.

      - C. S. Wyatt
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