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30305Louise's & Susan's suspicions of Mary

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  • Mary Jo
    Aug 31, 2004
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      Hi Louise. My tossing up of the subject was to engage upon the lines
      that decisions pose dilemmas and are not so easily teased apart,
      which is what I thought 'armedmarksmanent' was suggesting. I could be
      totally wrong, as it happens quite often that I am mistaken. I think,
      much like you responsed to my toss up, that solving situations such
      as the strife in Iraq does involve philosophical thinking. Mary

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "louise" <hecubatoher@y...> wrote:
      > Without offence, Mary, I tend to agree with Susan on this one. Not
      > that I want to see any of your remarks censored, though that's not
      > my decision - I merely express an opinion - but your question to
      > armedmarksmanent was utterly starkly political, as though he were a
      > statesman or a diplomat. My own response included facetiousness,
      > but was serious in intent, an attempt to tease apart the verbal
      > cliches which form a kind of bloodless version of what happens
      > bloodily on the ground, where the vulnerable civilians even now are
      > afraid in their houses and in the streets.
      > As for free will, sex, and consequences, I just find that
      > the pace is a little hot at present. It was only this morning that
      > I was fending off yet more juvenile sarcasm from our Georgian
      > friend, something which does nothing for my energy levels. Hope to
      > contribute something soon for this new thread, and looking forward
      > to less negative posting from the occasionals and the newbies.
      > And welcome to armedmarksmanent - your posts make a refreshing
      > change from the aggressive newbie syndrome; you seem interested in
      > thinking and discussing. Put rather simply, and with respect - now
      > that's my kind of male ...
      > Louise
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