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3001Re: Parental upbringing and influence

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  • ricardo
    Jul 29, 2001
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      hi Ryan

      Sorry, i know you want to tie up this thread, but something struck
      me. You said, *All kids must wait until a more adult age, say 21...
      until being able to be baptized. Once at that point... they (must)
      learn about many other world religions and philosophies, with no more
      emphasis on Christianity than any of the others, before allowing the
      person to choose to be baptized*. My problem is that while this
      programme of education may not put undue emphasis on Christianity, if
      a person has grown up in eg. Britain or the US, the culture within
      which the person has grown up in gives Christianity emphasis. You've
      said yourself that, *people who have been brought up into major world
      religions (Christianity, Islam, etc) have no reason to doubt. Their
      entire lives, they are bombarded constantly with one religion, and
      very rarely with any other possible beliefs*. But what about the
      impact of religious values at the depth dimension of human life? For
      example, liberal jurisprudence, founded upon christian principles, is
      qualitatively different from the jurisprudences synonymous with Islam
      or Buddhism, non? And each form of jurisprudence will have a
      PARTICULAR impact upon that society/culture, non?

      The only way you could provide an objective education of religions
      and philosophies would be if the student had no experience of any of
      them to colour his or her perception.A further problem is that: could
      you provide an objective education? We know that any one of us will
      have a different interpretation of a given belief system; maybe this
      calls into question the role of the educator and that which is
      taught? Maybe it's a question of HOW something is taught?

      Hope this is useful...
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