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30Fw: Hi, and an Answer to Tom's question

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  • Charles Vermont
    Aug 1, 1999

      Please could you resend this since I seem to only have the first part of it.


      Charles Vermont

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      From: Tom <tjajones@...>
      To: existlist@onelist.com <existlist@onelist.com>
      Date: 30 July 1999 20:06
      Subject: Re: [existlist] Hi, and an Answer to Tom's question

      Charles Vermont wrote :-
      First of all, it seems to me the man is making a number of assumptions. He is assuming:

      My intention was to contrive the situation to eradicate the possibility of uncertainty.

      The following are certainties and hence definite occurances. As sure as the sun will rise the next morning if you like.

      a.. The train will plummet into the canyon unless he does something - the driver of the train may become aware of the situation before the daughter reaches the button and save the train himself/herself.
      b.. His daughter will respond to his coercion - she may be young, but perhaps she is old enough to know when her father is acting against her own interests.
      c.. His daughter has time to reach the button before the train plummets into the canyon
      d.. He is too large to reach the button
      e.. He cannot reach the button using a tool
      f.. There is no one else around who can help him to push the button - a human chain at this point might help
      g.. That the passengers and crew on the train have not chosen to take a 'death trip'