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  • louise
    Aug 1 2:30 AM
      No, Bill, there is an infinity of things to know. The Cantos have
      to be completed, and the continuing war against profanity,
      silliness, and dishonour, must continue. You may call a woman a
      Pussy Cat (though you probably didn't), and the rest of the world
      gets turned, for a day, into roaming prey. But, symbolically, if
      the men are dogs and the women are pussy cats, and both reason and
      sensibility prevail, within (speaking now just for my own part of
      the world) a Western-European culture, then as humans we become
      fully human, and the predators, in the animal kingdom as well, start
      sheathing their claws.
      I can see that my use of the term 'Western-European' is
      controversial. These are words, after all, and all words are code,
      in the end. George Walton explains such things well.
      Just look at what I've written in the past to know what the
      expression includes, for me. You can argue that Hellas is in
      Eastern Europe, but then there's the whole question anyway of
      relationship between ancient Hellas and modern Greece. And the
      foundations are Eastern. Any fool knows that.

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      > You are not that far away, because there is not that much to know.
      > Bill
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