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28698was Existentialist Temple / who doctored those piccies?

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  • louise
    Jun 1, 2004

      Am very suspicious of this quasai-divinity - what's with the metal
      bobbin; and are those speed-cameras affixed?
      By the way, your hippie-dork memorabilia were very cute; am not sure
      why I've gone so plural. Was very irritated ten minutes ago, simply
      because I seem to have pulled a muscle in my back at waist level,
      which strangely skewed my whole ability to think. Can't feel it now
      I'm sitting. Just when I wriggle.
      Now, should I watch Life with Judy Garland, BBC1 news, or The Phil
      Silvers Show(The Colonel's Promotion)?
      Answers on a brick wall, so long as it's sponsored by the Arts'
      Council, a designated wall, or even better, a virtual wall, silent
      or not.

      The Loud One

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary Jo" <alcyon11@y...> wrote:
      > How about Succellos, the celtic god of death and fertility? He's a
      > sort of pluto-hades-thor variously depicted with hammer, or poppy
      > stalk, or staff. The depiction shown on my profile pix is
      > interesting. He's holding a jar of some sort (narcotic?) and a
      > The headpiece is astounding, a wheel of some sort. He looks like
      > needs to be made more anatomically correct. Either that or he's
      > intentionally androgenous. If you want a goddess, you can decide.
      > We'll need to hire a sculptor/tress to commission the replica.
      > you still have money left from your trip to the colonies, you can
      > make this most important purchase.
      > Did you run into any Bergerons? They're my distant Acadian
      > Some of my ancestors wandered into Quebec and some wandered into
      > Lousiana. It's fun trying to honor and play with mixed identities.
      > I'm French-Canadian, German, Scottish, and Cherokee/Oneida. Jo
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