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  • Mary Jo
    May 31, 2004
      Orlanda Blues - 7th Chorus - Kerouac

      Message from Orlanda: --
      You guys cant explore
      all of outer space, unless
      you want to spend
      a million million million
      million million million
      billion billion bullion
      bullion years at it
      -- and when you gets
      there, and you cant
      even get there, give my
      regards to Captain Bligh

      And lissen, before you leave,
      how bringin my money
      with you to preserve
      in eternity, see, I
      can cash in when
      I get there & spend it


      There are Prerequisites

      There are four more park benches this year
      for sunlight or for shade
      depending on your need

      There are six billion ways of being
      alone or alone together
      depends upon your creed

      There are umpteen universes and black holes
      creating and destroying
      dependent upon starry seed


      Mary Jo, whose naked celtic husband is posing with her war hammer
      sword cane