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  • bhvwd
    May 4, 2004
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      "and I found I have not kept the same face for any two people"With
      the much anticipated finale of "Friends" to finally air, I am left
      to contemplate what I now consider the final facit of maturity. When
      you are no longer a collage of your friends, when you present your
      own visiage, you have ascended to adulthood.
      I understand many never achieve adult status. I think surviving some
      real and possibly lethal life hurdles are gateway events.
      It is comfortable to live as a valued member of a close knit group.
      Ethnic , extended familys can provide such environments. In many
      ways those who enjoy such lives are fortunate prople but perhaps
      never individuals. Then again once you have crossed the river of
      concupisance there is never a return. Bill
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