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  • louise
    May 2, 2004
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      Mary Jo,
      I've never before seen a vehicle like the one in your pictures - has
      it been tortured? Hurry, everyone, I take it there's less than an
      hour to go, or am I being parochially British here? Probably.

      --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "Mary Jo" <alcyon11@y...> wrote:
      > My most sincere sympathy, Bill. Your ankle will mend since you
      > such great desire to be fully operational. Should I order two
      > You know our Uncle Albert II believed in ride hard, die fast. It
      > self-fulfilling prophecy. You on the other hand, just keep riding
      > hard. Don't worry, we won't put you down. You've a few good years
      > left. Don't we all want to stick around to see how it all goes
      > For one day, and one day only, I'm going to post a picture from my
      > dangerous past. I'd like to see some of the ones you've saved, but
      > know that won't happen. First I have to go find the box within
      > they're so carefully concealed. Jo
      > --- In existlist@yahoogroups.com, "bhvwd" <valleywestdental@q...>
      > wrote:
      > > Genetically I have weak ankles. Today I broke one. (Oh, Its only
      > > sprain,}So I wanna talk about pain. It isnt all relative,it`s
      > > experience. Good by Bill
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