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27661Ambushed by a cat

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  • bhvwd
    Apr 2, 2004
      Real cats are the most patient of hunters. Lions are female hunters
      they hunt in prides. They set group ambushes. They take down prey in
      groups. Good strategy.
      Tigers hunt alone.
      So the distaff portion have used their group dynamic. They have
      mused over their sisterhood and spoken the poisened words against
      the individualistic males. Still the males do not bond, it is not
      our way. We may just walk away or watch from the cover line. It is
      really not important because this is all blab. Fighting over doileys
      has little to do with the hard business of getting what is needed to
      stay alive. What do the doileys say about the guts on the K-bars
      tonight? When you start your cars tomorrow will you think about the
      blood lust taking place in Fallusia? I will. I will be happy that a
      sworn enemy is being deminished. I will not think of the morality, I
      will only question the strategy and tactics. You know it is most
      important that we win. Existentialism could be boiled down to the
      given permission to win. We are committed and now it is time to
      support our tigers not hobble them. Bill
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