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26532Re: [existlist] Powerlessness

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  • jerryjfortin@aol.com
    Mar 2, 2004
      In a message dated 02/03/2004 7:18:08 AM Mountain Standard Time,
      kamy_ams@... writes:

      > Jerry,
      > that is exactly the point - it is business that drives globalisation on. it
      > is still going to take some time before the clash between business interests
      > and national interests will happen, but that is inevitable. hm an interesting
      > thought came to my mind - is this the time, when minority is deciding the
      > lives of majority? we talked a bit about how minority has to follow the rules
      > provided by the majority, but this situation is opposite, isn't it? it is
      > elitarian public that is deciding countries roles in global scene?
      > Amanda

      I believe you are exactly right on this matter. Conflict will occur, and it
      is a question of morality and ethics. From my viewpoint it is a question of
      morality from the viewpoint of business it is only ethics.


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