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26511Re: [existlist] Historical Grudges, was Re: Independent George meets Relation...

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  • jerryjfortin@aol.com
    Mar 1, 2004
      In a message dated 01/03/2004 7:05:45 PM Mountain Standard Time,
      alcyon11@... writes:

      > As an American with a substantial AmerInd heritage, this just all sounds
      > silly to me. Vine Deloria, Jr., one of my favorite activist/lawyer/writers uses
      > the term "Indian". So there.

      I think I have been told.......
      My apologies Mary Jo, my intent was not to insult or degrade. As a matter of
      fact, believe it or not, my intent was to make you aware that I thought it
      was a term of disrespect. I thought I was actually defending the individual I
      thought was being slandered. Just goes to show you how much I don't know.

      At any rate, my apologies once again.



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