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  • Mary Jo Malo
    Mar 1, 2004
      What really matters is nature of the coin, communication, and really having something important to say. Two things happen in a free society: every and any idea can be expressed; and any idea can be lost in a cacophany of foolishness. Things are not heard; because either they are lost in all the "noise"; or no one is caring to hear. CSW is right about disseminating ideas. It's difficult because of the changing nature of publishing, and the Internet is such a gigantic library. One has to resort to paying for advertising to get people's attention. It's not impossible: it's just plain expensive. One needs the media.

      Mary Jo

      jerryjfortin@... wrote:
      In a message dated 29/02/2004 2:34:05 PM Mountain Standard Time,
      existlist1@... writes:

      > When everyone is free to speak, at one point is no one heard? And if
      > no one (or too few) hear you, does the freedom matter?
      > - CSW

      Freedom matters, always. The individual may choose not to speak because they
      have nothing to say, but they must always be afforded the opportunity to
      speak. The other side of the coin always has been getting people to actually hear
      the message.


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