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26481Re: [existlist] Facist Socialist vs REASON: Round 1

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  • eduard at home
    Mar 1, 2004
      Ah ... the old "it's only your opinion" routine. I'm cowering in a corner.

      Of course all of this is my own opinion. But then I did not say that everyone is mistaken, only that you were mistaken.

      Lets see ... Sartre says that, "When we say that man is responsible for himself, we do not mean he is responsible only for his own individuality, but that he is responsible for all men... in choosing for himself he chooses for all men".

      But then I suppose that this might be taken as only Sartre's opinion.

      If we live in the world, then we have to be conscious of the impact that our choices may have upon others. This entails a both a personal responsibility, since these choices are ours, and a responsibility for others.

      You have said as much yourself in that, "I don't do anything that would reflect bad on "me", like infringing on others' rights". But to take that in the positive, if you attempt to do something which good for you, then you are also impacting rights of others. For example, in choosing to be a Satanist, you are establishing the right of others to be what they wish to be -- perhaps also a Satanist or an atheist or someone in San Franciso who wishes to have a gay marriage. The freedom you choose extends freedom to others and for this there is a responsibility.


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      From: John the Anti-baptist
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      Sent: Monday, March 01, 2004 1:55 AM
      Subject: [existlist] Facist Socialist vs REASON: Round 1

      <<You are are mistaken.>>

      Newsflash: You are not the ultimate voice for Existentialism. You simply
      reflect your view of what Existentialism is. That does not mean that
      everyone else is "mistaken". It merely means that you disagree. AND THAT'S A

      <<Perhaps from a satanic perspective, but hardly an
      Existentialist one.>>

      Actually as both.

      <<If one is to assess the impact of one's choices, with awareness of one's
      responsibility for the
      world, then obviously the impact is that upon others.>>

      That is your perspective; not necessarily the view point of every

      <<You are contradicting yourself. Surely "making sure not to infringe on
      someone else's rights in the process", is an awareness of the possible
      impact on someone other than yourself.


      Wrong. I do not forego the self for others, I simply avoid the same actions
      that are exhibited by other religions; The overwhelming need to force their
      ideas onto others. Instead, I choose to let people be and I don't do
      anything that would reflect bad on "me", like infringing on others' rights.
      It is selfishness that keeps me from infringing on others' rights. I'm not
      going to dress it up in some altruistic deception to make myself look like I
      care...I don't. I don't want a ''Good Guy Badge".

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