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  • eduard at home
    Feb 2, 2004

      We like the disgusting because has a certain attraction from our humdrum lives. But then we only want to read or see just so much to satisfy the need. I don't think that many people actually want to be made aware of the real terror which is out there. The stuff that we read or see in movies is a matter entertainment. It gives a high* in raising our sensibilities, so that we know that we are alive.

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      From: Amanda Lemesonoka
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      Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 8:58 AM
      Subject: Re: [existlist] going out

      hm why don't you ask the posters themselves? :)

      i know that my post was a bit messy and probably not very understandable for those who haven't read Fowles.

      but what i wanted to talk about was - why do i (and i presume that i'm not the only one) have an attraction towards some things that are actually a bit disgusting... i mean - reading a book when the most part of it is written from a maniac's point of view is not an easy thing to do. and in the end it becomes quite sickening. BUT i consider it a good book...

      sometimes i think that writers just express something that has mingled in their minds and then it comes out. like some annoying thoughts. it is more of a therapy - to let some dark thoughts out... and WHY do we have to read it?

      hope that this made things a bit clearer :)


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