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24638Re: [existlist] Re: sleepwalking & schizophrenia discussion groups

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  • eduard at home
    Feb 1, 2004

      eduard is doing well. The temperature has gone up to -5c and I really should go for a walk to the river and take some pictures.

      I had a nap with the pussy cat today. Sunday is always a good day for napping. Of course, so is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday --- you get the idea.

      I know what Mary Jo means by schizophrenia ... or at least Manic-Depression which my ex-wife had. I have always been fascinated by the way in which some people can hallucinate. It's something that I could never do ... even when trying hard. In a way, it's sometimes looked upon as a special gift. I seem to recall that the Arab culture looked upon crazy people as close to Allah. Perhaps drQ has some info on that.

      ... still keeping his neurons happy ...
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      From: louise
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      Sent: Sunday, February 01, 2004 11:03 AM
      Subject: [existlist] Re: sleepwalking & schizophrenia discussion groups

      I think I do know what you mean, Mary.
      Thanks so much for posting - although I feel rather fragile at the
      moment, and, I'ld say, rationally on the paranoid side, :¬), about
      what to say right now, things are gradually getting better.
      In fact, Sceptic (if you don't mind the dramatic-pseudonymous word-
      play) has just left the room after downloading, and creating a
      folder for, a couple of the images taken by mars rover, and has even
      replaced my former Stonehenge picture desktop with a picture of the
      rocky surface of the planet, filling the whole screen. He seems
      distinctly underwhelmed by it all, and kept laughing at my
      enthusiam, saying it looked like Chesil beach. When I asked him
      where this was, he said (John Cowper)Powys country, near Weymouth.
      It's years since I read those novels. Anyway, once he'd backed off
      from the screen a little, he said it looked better.
      I've done little today, and certainly no housework - am just too
      tired. Whether the hamsters are going to get clean cages today, I
      don't know. Ah well, such are the minutiae of practical life, but
      it seems the best thing to concentrate on.
      I keep wondering how Eduard is, if that isn't an odd thing to wonder.
      Will sign off for now.

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