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24625Re: [existlist] Re: Truth, Reality, and Philosophy

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  • Mattlzpf@aol.com
    Feb 1, 2004
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      >>>>>>>Yes it is a metaphor. But in a way, it is true. Keeping your neurons
      happy means having happy thoughts. Of course there are occasions when this
      is not possible. I often go into depression -- just like everyone else -- but
      the trick is to look on the good side of things. That's our Existentialist

      ... neurons is all you got, so keep them happy ...>>>>>>>>>>>>.

      You needn't worry nor ask us anymore about our neurons. Neurons, if
      capable of happiness are happy when they do what they are meant to do and that
      is, fire. Therefore, they are happy when we have thoughts of any kind --
      happy or sad and everthing in between. You should take great joy in knowing that
      all who respond to your posts and all other posts have happy neurons.


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