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  • Jarod_Rollins@xxxx.xxxxx.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Jul 30, 1999
      >let the existential individual make his or
      >her own moral choice. Consequentialist ethical theories like
      >utilitarianism, try to use rational methods to decide whether an action
      >right or wrong. It is up to the existential individual to decide if he
      >she wants to believe in such ethical theories; thus if the daughter,
      >being alerted of the imminent danger, is an utilitarian, she would go
      >option 1 of saving the passengers. It is not really a case of conflicts
      >between existentialism and utilitarianism as tom seems to suggest.

      It seems like most of us agree that tricking the child is out of the
      ethical question but does the father have the right to even suggest to
      his daughter that she should push that button? Would he be still be
      taking away her freedom by using his parental role to sway her
      decision? Since freedom is deeply important to the existentilist is
      there a limit to which we should allow ourselves to sway the decisions
      of others? I agree that the freedom of making mistakes is greater than
      a freedom from making mistakes but is it "wrong" to sit idle by and let
      another make a mistake that ends in death?
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