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  • Eduard Alf
    Jun 4, 2001

      i agree with Greg ... the Hammurabi code has 282 laws ...

      i have yet to see " #275. If any one hire a ferryboat, he shall pay three
      gerahs in money per day.", in the Quebec civil code ... but i could be
      mistaken ...

      have fun (but dont do #15) ...


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      As much as it disgusts me to say this, I must say that the people who have
      created our laws were mostly devote christians. Though some learned men at
      that time probably heard of Hammurabi their thoughts were on obidience to
      god. Amarican law states that all men are equal under (drum roll please)
      God. Now if the law was based on Hammurabi they would have said something
      about Hammurabi. I agree that Hammurabi was very influencial to civilization
      but it did not make as much of a mark as the ten commandments.
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