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  • jerryjfortin@aol.com
    Jan 4, 2004

      I am still relatively young at 44 and still have much to learn and much to
      do. In the last five years I have lost both parents and a sister inlaw. My
      father was the first to go at 77 years of age, then in September of 2003 my
      sister inlaw passed at 51. On years eve my mother passed away and the very finite
      nature of life has hit home. We all go, its just a matter of time. Life is a
      tough game to play, there are no winners because nobody gets out alive. I
      now have realized that there is probably less time left before me than has past
      behind me and this awareness seems to have rung a bell for me. That is what
      lead me to the conclusion that the means are more relevant than the end. We
      all experience life, then we experience death, but only the end is the same.
      All that I wish to accomplish in this life seems to evolve with the little
      lessons of day to day living. The concept of an end goal has far less appeal to me
      each day. Lifestyle and social interaction are simple choices that serve as
      navigational devices in life. They can and will determine how we get there,
      but the means of doing so is still by personal choice. We can choose what we
      do and how we do it and that is a simple fact. At any rate, mortality is a
      realization that we are actually lucky to achieve. Many people never realize
      their own mortality for one reason or another. I am pleased that I have
      realized my own, and am now able to work within its parameters. You appear to have
      also come to this realization.


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