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23614Re: [existlist] Re: 2004

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  • jerryjfortin@aol.com
    Jan 2, 2004

      The wrinkles are what life is about. I believe that the fluctuations of
      which you speak are pivotal learning curves that lead away from our chosen paths,
      that return later in a further developed state. I think of life as a journey
      through loops and curves that are seemingly endless but are indeed quite
      finite. A veritable roller coaster of emotions, perceptions and experiences make
      up our individual journey's, that all lead to the same place. It is not the
      end that concerns me, but the means to the end. In my view some things should
      must never be justified. To me the means are more relevant than the end,
      which is why I have now once again embarked on a different course than I
      originally concieved. I cannot change the things which will happen, but I can change
      where I will be when they happen. I guess that in essence I desire to look
      back on my life and find satisfaction with my own efforts. That is where I am
      coming from with this latest change in my life, a way to achieve a desired end.


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