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2332RE: [existlist] answer no. 4

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jun 4, 2001

      nope ... the cats dead ... definitely dead ... i heard that story before ...
      so i went out and found the box ... and opened it ... and i can tell you
      truthfully ... THE CATS DEAD ... i killed the cat ... you can inform your
      friends that the story is over, unless they want to do it on TNN ...

      have fun (but dont tell the cat) ...


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      i see i see.

      Here's a situation that my friends and I discuss alot (because they
      like physics):
      A Cat is in a box. Once the box is opened a gas is released and the
      cat dies. So, the cat in the closed box is both alive and dead.

      Yep, that's it.
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