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2321RE: [existlist] answer no. 4

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jun 3, 2001

      i guess im not succeeding in being clear .. let me try again ... in physics
      there is the idea of probability ... that is you cant simultaneously
      determine the location and speed of something ... so think of a line that is
      of infinite length ... it is absolutely straight for essentially all of its
      length, except for one location which represents the present ... at this
      location you have a wave whose amplitude is distributed over a short
      distance .. at the precise location the amplitude is high and then lessens
      to either side ... it is like a little bulge in the line ... i see this as
      the same as a photon of light which can be both a wave and a particle at the
      same time ... so you as Luke are on your time line ... you exist in only one
      location which is the present and you flow along the time line from the past
      to the future ... now, the future is not fixed ... the choices that you make
      in the present can change the direction of the line ...

      that is what im getting at in saying the table is the present display on its
      time line ... it does not exist in the past (to the left on the line) but we
      are aware of where it was since the line leads to that empty space
      (non-tree) in the forest ... and it does not exist in the future (to the
      right on the line) ... the future or direction of the line is dependent upon
      what is done today ... if we throw it in the fire, the direction is to
      ashes, and if we turn it into a chair then the direction of the time line
      will lead to that empty space amongst the living room furniture ...

      have fun (but watch where you send your line) ...


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      is it like the tramalfadorians (spelling?) from slaughterhouse five? They
      see in four dimensions. If they saw me for example, they will see me as i
      was, is and will be.

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