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2316Re: [existlist] answer no. 4

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  • Yulian K. Gaard
    Jun 2, 2001
      Eduard ...

      For a rock it is kinda obvious statement ...
      For something like a tree you might make a coutch from it, but it's still a wooden coutch - as in "made of a tree".
      Only for humans would it make any meaning.

      In objects it's a pointless discussion you are comming with weither their essence or existence comes first - or rather a triviality. If you make a coutch (though it comes from a tree) the essence of a coutch comes first in that you are building from an by you thought up idea ... The tree as existing as a tree would in the making of the coutch be lost in that its physical properties goes into a natural process. After all, you wont claim that you are a "soon to be rot"; you are defining yourself from what you actually is. And probably also from your relations to things in your case. The bedst description of any person would be that "he is" and nothing but that.

      No sence

      Respectfully submitted.

      " Magic is a way of life. "
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