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2313RE: [existlist] answer no. 4

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jun 1, 2001
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      i suppose ... but the idea here is not specifically within science .. i know
      that Hawkings got into time lines, but mostly for black holes ... what im
      offering here is that objects are really an isolated moment within a process
      ... that if you make a choice now, then you affect the time line ... so ones
      decisions have to be more than just what you see now ... i suppose that we
      already know that ... but it is not often put into words ... and is not
      applied to everything ....

      have fun ...


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      "relativistic positivistic"
      Posetivism is a line of thinking where 'science' and especially physics and
      math is the ideal. Big part of the thinking included is that all things is
      determined (decided) by factors such as society, biology, molecule
      structures, chemestry ect. and that those sciences can 'predict the future'
      if they have enough information.

      Relativism means that you think that everything is dependant on the others,
      here especially ment the place in history and society ...

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