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2311RE: [existlist] answer no. 4

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  • Eduard Alf
    Jun 1, 2001
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      yep ... my own ... although i dont know what "relativistic positivistic"
      means ...

      think of a long string, held tight ... this represents the time line from
      start to finish ... then think of a fluctuation at some point in the string
      (say the middle) ... the string has only one dimension; its length ... the
      fluctuation or vibration adds other dimensions ... if just up and down, then
      it has two dimensions ... if up, down and back and forth, then it has three
      dimensions ... the location of the fluctuation can be seen as akin to time
      ... so the string or time line, changes into our four dimensional universe
      and the thing which is the fluctuation suddenly appears ... in the case of
      the table the fluctuation is in our present time, and it appears as a table
      ... in past time it may have been a fluctuation as a tree ...

      of course everything has a time line and these all cross in the present ...
      the time line for the wood of the table crosses with the time line for the
      bolts that attach the legs ...

      can one extend this idea to god ... in that god is also a fluctuation that
      appears in our time? ...

      have fun ... im going to take a nap ... thinking is exhausting ...


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      Okey ... I assume it's you own relativistic posetivistic ideas there ??

      "4. everything is flowing ... the table is not just a table ... it is the
      present appearance and includes the tree from which it came and the ashes
      which it is to become ... like a momentary fluctuation in a time line ..."
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