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23099Re: [existlist] Striving for Perfection

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  • eduard at home
    Dec 2, 2003
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      I think the object of our striving for perfection is the
      neurological/emotional high we get from the sensation of
      achieving some perfection. It would replace that sort of
      God-high that we might envisage as the end result of some
      spiritual quest.

      I was thinking that all of this God stuff is actually a
      device by which humans have found they can play on their
      emotions. I remember seeing one of those evangelistic
      programs on TV where the audience is enthralled with the
      moment and rocking back and forth with their hands in the
      air. All that they are doing is producing an emotional
      transient. Like a crack demon anticipating the "rush".

      So if they can do it, then why not the Existentialist in
      savouring the thought of the future perfection. I certainly
      think of it when considering myself with perhaps 20 less
      pounds. Perhaps flexing my muscles on Wreck Beach.


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      > the object of our perfection can be none other than
      ourselves as better than we now are....an imaginary,
      fantastical image of ourselves in a better light.
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