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23064Re: [existlist] From Perfection to Freedom

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  • eduard at home
    Dec 1, 2003

      I think the key phrase is ... "to please ourselves".

      I was looking for the motive that fuels our striving for
      perfection. What I was getting hooked up on was the thought
      that this had to be somehow related to the result on others.
      If I act with perfection then it is the improvement that I
      cause in society. Although this is laudable, it is hard to
      make concrete. I occurs to me that everything that we do is
      for self-satisfaction. The same would occur in the presence
      of a fanaticized god. We do act because of the neural
      satisfaction to be obtained. That seems obvious, yet is
      hard to identify.

      So although the list might contain things like, "improving
      relationships", the words should be in relation to the self.


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      From: "Mary Jo Malo" <alcyon11@...>
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      Subject: [existlist] From Perfection to Freedom

      > I'd place relationships with others at the top of the
      list -
      > improving existing relationships, cultivating new
      friendships (if
      > desired). Learning to think clearly and improving
      > skills are desirable. In the absence of a god to please
      with our
      > perfection, we can learn to please ourselves and others,
      > discretion. These things are, of course, a choice. The art
      of self-
      > improvement, indeed the art self creating, is an optional
      path. The
      > motive might be to simply enjoy life in a manner which is
      > threatening to others but liberated from social and
      > pressures. Freedom is a better goal I think. Freedom from
      > perfect. Free to be human, however you define it.
      Rambling, I know...
      > Jo
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