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2294RE: [existlist] Re: Gee, thanks for the diagram...I usually draw stick figures myself.

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  • Eduard Alf
    May 31, 2001
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      dear been.there.done.nothing,

      you are mixing things up again ... i would agree that it is possible for
      people to view objective data differently ... but that is the subjective
      view ... it does not change the point ...

      and you can obtain different data depending upon the direction of view ...
      the road ahead, in blistering heat, appears to have a layer of water that is
      unseen by someone in a helicopter ... but that does not change the fact that
      the collection of data is the objective view ... that is why you also need
      subjective view as pointed out by Diana ... someone has to make a judgement
      that perhaps there isnt any water on that road ...

      no one voted the world to be round ... a few hundred years ago, it was known
      to be round ... in fact, i think the greeks did the first calculation of
      just how round ... the old sun light in the well in egypt ... but given this
      possibility there were always the few who felt they could not believe in
      anything ... and were afraid that they would starve to death or die of
      thirst before they could sail the complete distance to the far east ...
      although Columbus purposely fudged his figures to convince Liz to support
      his mission, at least he had the personal conviction to do something ...
      otherwise he would still be sitting on the beach in Spain saying to himself,
      "i wonder", "i wonder" ...

      have fun (but watch out for the sea monsters)...


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      <<... it is an old saying that you can prove anything by such studies
      ... but the "you" is a person and not the data ... another case of
      confusing the objective view with the subjective view ...>>

      And I would not suppose that it is a contradiction to say "Everyone
      views the objective data differently" and "there is only one way to
      view objective data"?

      How do you know which 'you' has the right view there 'duard? Or I
      suppose we just vote and the most popular wins?

      All I can say is, good thing we voted the world round, cause a few
      hundred years ago I was afraid I'd fall off...Now that the world
      became round by our saying so, I am living a happier life.

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