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22932Re: [existlist] Ascetic ideal--some ignorant questions

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  • Mattlzpf@aol.com
    Nov 19, 2003
      Ascetic means to deny oneself pleasure and luxuries. Nietzsche's idea
      was that man suffered from the fact that he had no meaning. Since, suffering
      for a reason is better than suffering for no reason, man created meaning out
      of his suffering and with this ascetic ideal, gave himself meaning. However,
      since the ascetic ideal basically means denying man pleasure, luxury and
      overall happiness while involving suffering, the ascetic ideal gives man a meaning
      that is contradicatory to life itself. (the whole idea of nature it seems is
      to be free and without controls) So, because man doesn't want a life that
      means nothing, he gives himself meaning through the ascetic ideal which,
      ironically is a will (will -- the mental faculty by which a person decides upon and
      controls his own actions or those of others) to nothingness since it requires
      that man be denied pleasures and the fruits of life. Nietzsche's play on words
      explains that man will accept a meaning for his existence that yields the idea
      of nothingness (that is, no pleasure, no happiness and no enjoyment of life)
      before he accepts the idea of actually having nothing (that is, no meaning to


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