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2285RE: [existlist] Re: Discussing METHOD and malice and microscopic pillars of ...of ... nothing

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  • Eduard Alf
    May 31, 2001

      lets try for Dictionary.com; "Especially, pertaining to, or derived from,
      one's own consciousness, in distinction from external observation; relating
      to the mind, or intellectual world, in distinction from the outward or
      material excessively occupied with, or brooding over, one's own internal
      states." ... i would take it that the "external observation" to mean what we
      see before we interpret using subjective factors ...

      in the below "meter readings" are separate from that "digested and then
      understood" ...one follows the other ... the former is objective and the
      latter is subjective ...

      have fun ...


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      From: Diana [mailto:da-sein@...]
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      Subject: [existlist] Re: Discussing METHOD and malice and microscopic
      pillars of ...of ... nothing

      << It seems that someone will not accept the fact that meter readings
      and everything have to be digested and then understood before they
      are 'used.' >>

      You saw a contradiction as I wrote that I would use the `subjective
      factor' to understand other people's world-views?

      1) I don't reject the existence of human nature;
      2) I believe that inquiry into the way I form my own subjective world-
      view will help me gain insight into other people's world-views.
      3) It does hurt to read such a remark;


      PS. Perhaps what has to be cleared out is what exactly is meant
      by `subjective'.
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