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22829Re: [existlist] Re: Attention All Nihilists

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  • George Walton
    Nov 11, 2003

      If you don't want anything, why the hell don't you just take the pills and get it over with? Seriously, there are any number of things worth wanting: good food, love, sex, music, friendship, children, careers, artistic creativity, athletic accomplishment etc etc etc.

      Maybe your idea of "nothing" is different from mine. It sure as hell is not the equivalent of "nothingness", is it? That's oblivion. That's really nothing.

      This world is "crappy", that's for sure. Especially, say, for the 18,500 kids aged 5 years and younger who will die from starvation in the next 24 hours on planet earth---while, in turn, the rich and powerful Big Buckmeisters who run the global economy that create the conditions that lead to the starvation pack down the food by the barrelful. Their problem is often obesity, isn't it?

      But most of us, of course, live somewhere in the middle of all that. If life is a shit sandwich for you that, in fact, may be what is precipitating your cynical defiance. But what does it have to do with a philosophical conjecture about wanting "nothing"?

      In other words, is or is not your attitude in here a psychological reflection of your own particular circumstances [which may unfold largely because you do nothing to change them] or are you trying to say something about the "human concidion" that more or less transcends a particular point of view in a particular situation?


      gualey9090@... wrote:
      It shouldn't bother you the fact that you don't want anything. If it does, it
      might be because you do want to do something in this Life, may be you do
      really want to desire, wish, or have Hope. Nothing is something, it is a Lot! It
      is deep and sweet, great to share nothingness with someone who understands the
      meaningless of all this crappy world.

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