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22790Living, breathing criminals

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  • bhvwd
    Oct 31 7:58 AM
      I am not applying for credentials in criminology. Nor am I a
      criminal. If you were to ask what movie best portrays the better
      organised, career criminal, I would say it is Resevour Dogs.
      Criminals choose to not work. I really think that to be their most
      commom denominator. They consider work and especially a boss
      demeaning. Cops are the terminal boss. The joint is a work hazard.
      They are tough people who have had significant pain, try to avoid it,
      but are not terrified of it. An aquintance would on occasion pull
      up his shirt to show his bullet wounds. There were three. He did not
      want more but was not afraid to enter deadly force situations. These
      people were mission oriented. Most preferred female or their own
      company. Other criminals were more like business partners. They like
      cash and things that can be moved easily.
      I see the parallels with existential thought but these people are
      not philosophers. They do love their freedom but they hate work more.
      Most did not win in the competition for the better jobs and they
      could look forward to menial jobs and secondary status. They
      consider themselves better than that. Many think they will burn in
      eternal fire but they still will not bow to a life of low work.
      Actually when they are flush one could not find better companionship.
      The world taught these people early that they were losers and they
      refused to take the prescription.
      As to the nut ball sex killers you can say they are sick until they
      get too close. Then it becomes a self defense situation. I went to an
      inner city high school and still live in an area of the city known
      for criminal activity. I do not want to fight any of these people
      but I am not terrified of them. In many ways I prefer their company
      to the tyrrany of extremist law from the right and left. It is all
      about how you prefer to take your risks.
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