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2270Re: [existlist] Discussing METHOD

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  • William Harris
    May 31, 2001
      Diana, I agree with you to the level of observation that I would call
      counting studies. Certainly simple observation can be prejudiced by ones
      subjective mind set. Counting can come clowser to an objective view, yet the
      problem remains , what do you count, IE, the hanging chad? I personally trust
      very few statistical studies, especially those that imply cause and effect
      relationship where none is proven. Bill

      Diana wrote:

      > << ... regarding the first reason, it is not impossible ... there are
      > techniques to at least statistically get close ... if it were
      > impossible, none of the tests done by science would be valid ... in
      > the case of medical testing there is the "double-blind" and "placebo"
      > techniques ...>>
      > How do you find out what is objectively true?
      > << ... regarding the second, you are adding stuff which does not
      > relate to the issue ... the objective view has nothing to do with the
      > state of the person ... why bring in "subjugated under universal
      > laws" and "having no independent life of its own" ... so what? ... if
      > one is subjugated that does not have any impact on the ability to see
      > something with an objective view ... objective viewing simply means
      > observing and recording the attributes of an object without adding
      > subjective judgements ...>>
      > If we accept that such "recording" is possible, then what you say
      > sounds all right. I myself haven't developed such a good recording
      > ability and I regard the subjective factor as important as I attempt
      > to gain an understanding on my own/others world-view(s).
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