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2266RE: [existlist] Discussing METHOD

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  • Eduard Alf
    May 31, 2001
      Diana et folks,

      i think if you are looking for the absolute truth ...i mean to know
      something complete in all respects, then it is unlikely that you will be
      able to do so ... simply because we ourselves are limited ... but "truth"
      may also be seen as a truth which allows us to survive ... for example we
      dont need to know the 10 dimensional particles that may make up the atomic
      structure of a table, if the only thing we wish to do is to avoid stubbing
      our toe ... i would take it that this is level of "objectively true" that we
      need ...

      so how do we find out if something is objectively true ... well, in my
      business i want to know at what distance can an airport sign be seen and
      read ... so i get a group of people who represent the average in the way of
      visual capability ... now what is "average" is another question and can
      determined statistically ... i take each person in a car and when they say
      they can read the sign, they are to drop a bean bag out the window ... the
      speed is sufficiently low to avoid too great an error in the drop time ... i
      then measure the distance, and repeat for the rest of the crowd ... the
      result is that i can get a fairly good conclusion of the readability
      distance ... at least sufficient to serve the conditions under which the
      sign would actually be used ... similar techniques can be used for other
      studies and products ...

      im not saying that subjective viewing is not important ... or that it should
      not be used ... it is just that one should be aware (as much as is possible)
      when seeking to see something objectively versus subjectively ... if you mix
      the two, you run into a problem ... in fact i run into that problem a lot
      myself ... if my computer is not working, i subjectively start pulling cards
      out and end up with a pile of bits and pieces ... however if i had tried to
      look at it objectively, i might have found that the plug had pulled out of
      the wall ...

      have fun ..


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      From: Diana [mailto:da-sein@...]
      Sent: Thursday, May 31, 2001 8:59 AM
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      Subject: [existlist] Discussing METHOD

      << ... regarding the first reason, it is not impossible ... there are
      techniques to at least statistically get close ... if it were
      impossible, none of the tests done by science would be valid ... in
      the case of medical testing there is the "double-blind" and "placebo"
      techniques ...>>

      How do you find out what is objectively true?

      << ... regarding the second, you are adding stuff which does not
      relate to the issue ... the objective view has nothing to do with the
      state of the person ... why bring in "subjugated under universal
      laws" and "having no independent life of its own" ... so what? ... if
      one is subjugated that does not have any impact on the ability to see
      something with an objective view ... objective viewing simply means
      observing and recording the attributes of an object without adding
      subjective judgements ...>>

      If we accept that such "recording" is possible, then what you say
      sounds all right. I myself haven't developed such a good recording
      ability and I regard the subjective factor as important as I attempt
      to gain an understanding on my own/others world-view(s).
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