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  • Diana
    May 31, 2001
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      << ... regarding the first reason, it is not impossible ... there are
      techniques to at least statistically get close ... if it were
      impossible, none of the tests done by science would be valid ... in
      the case of medical testing there is the "double-blind" and "placebo"
      techniques ...>>

      How do you find out what is objectively true?

      << ... regarding the second, you are adding stuff which does not
      relate to the issue ... the objective view has nothing to do with the
      state of the person ... why bring in "subjugated under universal
      laws" and "having no independent life of its own" ... so what? ... if
      one is subjugated that does not have any impact on the ability to see
      something with an objective view ... objective viewing simply means
      observing and recording the attributes of an object without adding
      subjective judgements ...>>

      If we accept that such "recording" is possible, then what you say
      sounds all right. I myself haven't developed such a good recording
      ability and I regard the subjective factor as important as I attempt
      to gain an understanding on my own/others world-view(s).
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